Warhorse Studios Teases First Kingdom Come: Deliverance ‘Hardcore Mode’ Details

Kingdom Come

After being announced last month as part of the 2018 DLC roadmap for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the game’s Hardcore mode has received some baseline details.

Warhorse Studios PR Manager Tobias Stolz-Zwilling revealed the first information of what the mode will incorporate in a tweet earlier today. The post (embedded below) reveals that players will be forced to choose two permanent debuffs that will increase the difficulty of the experience. The only one revealed so far is called Numbskull, which slows the rate at which experience is gained. At least eight other status effects will be available to choose from.

In addition to the debuffs, players will be subject to tougher combat encounter and no map markers.

According to the post, further information on the mode will be available at E3 next week, while Stolz-Zwilling’s presentation is also likely to cover details of the premium DLC ‘From the Ashes’, which is slated to bring players to the aid of an abandoned village.

OnlySP’s Richard Flint reviewed Kingdom Come: Deliverance when it released earlier this year, scoring it as a Credit and saying, “despite several flaws, Warhorse Studios delivers a fantastic first game and deserves praise for Kingdom Come’s successes.”

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