Final Kingdom Come: Deliverance DLC Will Last 10-15 Hours, Take Place in an ‘Alternative Timeline’

A Woman's Lot

Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s final piece of DLC, ‘A Woman’s Lot’ promises to rewrite the adventure that players have enjoyed over the past year.

The latest expansion will feature a standalone story from the perspective of one of the characters from the main game. The DLC marks the first time someone other than Henry will be playable. The new protagonist, Theresa, has a supporting role in the main game, but disappears for a large portion of it.

Players first see Theresa during an initial attack on Henry’s home village and can choose to jump in and rescue her. Speaking exclusively to OnlySP, Warhorse Studios PR manager Tobias Stolz-Zwilling said the events that in ‘A Woman’s Lot’ unfold through Theresa’s eyes will take place in an “alternative ‘timeline’” that happens alongside the main game.

This new scenario will explore how Theresa managed to survive the burning of Skalitz, while also enabling players to “interact with Skalitz and its people, before it was attacked.”

The two timelines will later converge, however, after completing a questline with both Henry and Theresa. No doubt players will be excited to see how the two will interact with each other further down the line given that the player has total control over just how honourable the characters can be.

Stolz-Zwilling also mentioned that players should expect to spend between 10 and 15 hours exploring all this new content has to offer, though “this heavily depends on the playing style.”

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