Kingdom Come: Deliverance Director Refutes Report That Stretch Goals Will Not Be Produced

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Following a Polygon report earlier today that Warhorse Studios “is unwilling to commit to fulfilling” Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s original Kickstarter stretch goals, the game’s director has said that those are still in the works.

The report included quotes from the developer’s PR Manager, Tobias Stolz-Willing, who said that “some of the [Kickstarter] stretch goals” are in production and a spokesperson from publisher Deep Silver, who said that the company would not be involved in the fulfilment of any stretch goals. Although Polygon did not ultimately conclude that Warhorse Studios would not respect its prior promises, the statement was implicit in the headline: “Kingdom Come: Deliverance team will not commit to Kickstarter stretch goals.”

Since the emergence of the report, the game’s director, Daniel Vávra, has taken to Twitter to confirm that those features—a female playable character, a dog companion, and a tournament mode—are currently in active production, with some animation and scripting already prepared. Given the amount of time and effort that these developments will take, Vávra is unwilling to commit to a timeframe for them. Instead, the team is focusing for now on patches and polish in an effort to make Kingdom Come: Deliverance as good as it can possibly be.

OnlySP’s Richard Flint called Kingdom Come: Deliverance a “fantastic first game”  with “several flaws,” scoring it as a Credit overall.

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