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Kingdom Hearts III Re-Visits Pirates of the Caribbean, Series Coming as a Set

During Sony’s E3 conference fans were treated to a surprise trailer for the much anticipated Kingdom Hearts III.

In total, three trailers have been revealed for the game during E3. The first trailer, from Microsoft’s press conference, debuted a massive amount of diverse gameplay with the inclusion of Frozen as a playable world. Little was revealed in the second trailer, shown during Square Enix’s conference, aside from some additional shots featuring Ratatouille, Lea, and a revamped look for Kairi.

The third teaser, shown during Sony’s conference, plunged players right back into the seven seas with the announcement of a new Pirates of the Caribbean world to explore, with scenes seemingly spanning throughout At World’s End, namely Davy Jones’s locker.

Following the cinematic footage, Sony also revealed a Kingdom Hearts-style PlayStation 4 Pro, and announced that all previous titles in the franchise will be made available in one bundle copy.

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