Knights of Light

Despite Kickstarter Failure, Knights of Light Heading to Early Access

The promising historical RPG Knights of Light is set to fall far short of its crowdfunding goal, but Rumbling Games Studio aims to move ahead with an Early Access release nonetheless.

Though three days yet remain until the Kickstarter campaign officially closes, the team has conceded defeat, as the project has raised little more than 10% of its total funding goal. However, the failure will not spell the end of the ambitious game, as Rumbling Games will instead move ahead with its “back up plan” of an Early Access release on Steam. Knights of Light will also be available via the Xbox Game Preview program and “PlayStation paid alpha.”

Further details on the upcoming releases—including pricing and launch window—have not been revealed.

Rumbling Games also says that it will begin a development diary on YouTube at some point, which may go some way towards raising the interest that the crowdfunding campaign failed to garner.

While some doubts may arise about how the company will fund further development, the studio is able to enjoy lower operating costs than most thanks to having its offices in Egypt.

Knights of Light is pitched as the first in a series of historical RPGs that, similarly to Kingdom Come: Deliverance, do not rely on fantasy tropes and mechanics. The first game in the saga is set to take place within a 400 square kilometre recreation of Iraq circa 636CE. More details about the project are available in the interview OnlySP conducted with studio co-founder Ahmed Mousa earlier this month.

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