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Kojima not interested in remaking Metal Gear 1-2, MGS remake still possible



Hideo Kojima recently held a Q&A session before his interview at GameFest, and was able to answer some questions regarding his thoughts on a remake of both the original Metal Gear titles as well as Metal Gear Solid. An article on the Metal Gear Solid Unofficial Site caught some of the details.

He stated that regarding the plot of Metal Gear 1 and 2, “a lot of things in the plot don’t make sense anymore,” and felt that to properly reintroduce them in the modern age, he’d have to “rewrite it, and I don’t feel like doing that.” He also felt the gameplay wasn’t up to today’s standards and would also have to be reworked.

He was slightly more optimistic towards an MGS1 remake, though. He stated that he’d want it to have a scope as big as MGS4 and concluded by stating he “doesn’t have the time to make it himself, but is always on the lookout for someone else that could perhaps help him with it”.

With an opportunity like that, I reckon publishers would be very interested in working with him. Until more news arrives on the subject, however, we have the recently released Metal Gear Solid HD Collection to keep us occupied.

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Kumo’s New Screenshots Showcase Some Beautiful Clouded Landscapes




Kumo’s developer and publisher have released new screenshots showcasing the game’s stunning clouded landscapes.

Publisher Tales Art Studio and developer Benjamin Jason Gregg unveiled Kumo’s new screenshots on their Presskit page yesterday. The screenshots, embedded below, mainly show aesthetically designed ‘cloudscapes’ as well as the player character.

Kumo is a set to be a challenging puzzle game with memorable characters all within a clouded world. Players will journey through misty landscapes, ruins, across mountains, and even through a “strange mirrored temple.”

The page also includes information about the features in the upcoming title, which reads as follows:

  • Discover beautiful areas as you ascend the clouds.
  • A beautiful 10 piece soundtrack.
  • Freely control your ribbon using your spirit.
  • Lead Kumo into a second chance at life.

Tales Art Studio officially announced on Twitter that Kumo’s Kickstarter campaign will go live on 31 July:

Kumo is set to release on Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One should the Kickstarter succeed.

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