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E3 2016

Kojima Productions Teases Death Stranding Starring Norman Reedus

Hideo Kojima was presented to the Sony E3 2016 crowd, stating “I’m back”. The crowd and fans were pretty hype, including Shuehei Yoshida who tweeted the following:

He treated us to a tease for his Sony exclusive game by revealing death and decay on an alien black-sand beach. The camera slowly pans to see the body of a naked man and a baby. Then there’s some weirdness with floating things, and oily creepiness.. oh and it’s clearly Norman Reedus. The title is Death Stranding.

Kojima stated that the demo was running in real-time. Visually and conceptually it seems like it could be fantastic, but at this point it’s just a title in the very preliminary development stages. We’ll provide you with more information on the game as it comes our way.

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