In our recent interview with Parabole Studios, co-founder Alexandre Fiset revealed to us that while Kôna: Day One follows the French-Canadian investigator Carl Faubert, he will not be the only lead throughout the episodic series.

“Carl is the main character of the first episode,” he tells us, “But there is another character in other episodes, which is a Cree woman — I won’t say the name right now, but she is a Native American woman, and you see two sides of the story…That’s why there is a narrator who isn’t the character, it’s a third-person narrator telling you the story, because there are multiple aspects to it…It’s meant to be a story about this region, and not the character.”

Alexandre also told us that he is committed to ensuring that this character is genuinely and respectfully represented. “We started discussion with the local Cree community,” he explains, “We wanted the character to be built more by them than by us. The character is really important to us. It’s the same way we built Carl — he is built by Quebecers, by people who would best understand the character. So it is a logical step to do the same thing with the Cree woman…We really want you to feel like you are a Native American woman, so it’s all part of the plan to talk with those people and make sure that they have their icon in the game. It’s not meant to be like a critique or anything. It’s a Cree woman, and she encounters the same things as Carl, but with a different perspective.”

Hopefully this character will have more insight when it comes time to encounter that foreboding Wendigo. Be sure to keep an eye out for the full interview.

Andrea Giargiari
Feature Writer, Bachelor of Arts in Communications (Media and Culture) via UMass Amherst

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