Seven: The Days Long Gone

Developer and publisher IMGN.PRO has released new gameplay footage from its upcoming RPG Seven: The Days Long Gone, highlighting the combat and music of the project.

Although the varied, melee-based combat is the focal point of the trailer, the scene is first set through a montage of the game’s environments, including small villages, wildlands, and a prison. These Borderlands-like visuals are backed by a freshly-released music track by Gavin Dunne and Miracle of Sound, which will be featured during the closing credits, with elements also being used as the background music in one of the game’s settings.

While details about the mechanics of the combat are not forthcoming, this latest trailer does show off a range of weapons, including swords and polearms, as well as a variety of stealth-based assassination options, being used against an array of enemies:

Also glimpsed in the above trailer is the game’s freedom of movement, which allows players to climb upon almost any surface.

Seven: The Days Long Gone is an isometric post-apocalyptic RPG that puts players in the role of a thief sent on a mission to the prison island of Peh. The island is one of the primary locations of the game’s world, The Empire of Vettall, which will be a fully-explorable sandbox.

The title is being co-developed by IMGN.PRO (who also contributed to the recent horror game Husk) and the debut team at Fool’s Theory. Fool’s Theory is a small Polish outfit with team members who have previously contributed to The Witcher series and Kholat.

Seven: The Days Long Gone is currently without a set release date, and is targeting a PC release with other platforms being considered. More details on the game are available at the official website.

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