Left Alive

Square Enix Drums up Hype with Bombastic New Trailer for Left Alive

Left Alive, which releases in Japan tomorrow ahead of a Western release of March 5, has a wild new trailer.

The trailer, which again highlights the game’s Metal Gear Solid inspirations, is doused in a B-movie-inspired sense of characterisation and drama. Primarily, the trailer focuses on the game’s characters, including its three protagonists.

Accompanied by a gloriously cheesy soundtrack, Left Alive exudes AA goodness. Visually, the title lacks polish, but its underlying systems seem promising.

Set squarely in the Front Mission universe, one half of the game’s focus in mech combat, which appears to draw from another Kojima masterclass: Zone of the Enders.

The title’s second state is in stealth combat, complimented by an open-ended level design that encourages player agency.

Despite being published by Square Enix, Left Alive has strangely flown under the radar. Hopefully, its systems and sense of humour will carry the game through, as initial impressions point to a significant lack of polish.

For those impressed by Left Alive‘s bombastic aesthetics, the game is set to release on PC and PlayStation 4 on March 5.

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