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Life is Strange: Before the Storm Will Explore The “Vulnerability” of Chloe and Rachel

The imperfection, vulnerability, and complexity of humans will be key themes in Life is Strange: Before the Storm, according to the game’s lead writer.

In a recent character trailer posted by Square-Enix, the game’s writer, Zak Garriss, opened up about the relationship between the two lead characters, Chloe Price and Rachel Amber. Garriss said that the development team has “embraced this idea that each girl… desperately needs something that only the other person can provide at this specific point in time.” This choice has allowed the developers to delve deeply into the characters to reveal their need and vulnerability, but also the strength that they share.

Garriss also said that the idea of imperfection will lie at the heart of the story, with the game questioning the power that Rachel has over Chloe, and whether her influence is positive or negative. However, the relationship between the two will not be dictated; instead, the player’s actions and choices will ultimately determine whether Chloe sees Rachel as a hero or just another person.

The full video also introduces Chloe’s new voice actor, Rhianna DeVries, who explains the approach she took to bringing the character the life. “I took Chloe very personally,” said DeVries. “I tried to play her as raw and as close to heart as possible… The rawness of her hurt and her pain is the thing that makes her such a dynamic and lovable character.”

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a three-part prequel to the original game, taking place several years before Max Caulfield arrives in Arcadia Bay. The first episode, ‘Awake’, is currently scheduled to release on August 31 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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