Light Fall Seeking To Redefine Platformers In March 2018

Light Fall

Canadian indie games studio Bishop Games revealed today that its debut title, Light Fall, is scheduled for release in March 2018.

Created for Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One consoles, Light Fall aims to redefine the platformer genre by giving gamers the ability to control their own platform. Entering the game’s strange universe where darkness rules over the light, players will undertake a quest to uncover the past and save the forgotten world of Numbra.

Light Fall seeks to immerse users in its gameworld, offering many places to explore such as the Lunar Plain, the Marshlands of Sorrows, Vipera’s Forest, and the Unknown Depths. Joining the player in their adventure is the ancient and crotchety owl Stryx, who serves as the game’s narrator and offers both useful advice and mocking criticism for failures. Encountering outlandish characters both friend and foe, players must brave Numbra’s many challenges and survive its perilous darkness.

Offering a unique twist on the traditional platformer is the presence of a powerful item called the Shadow Core, which is a magical box players can summon at any time to create a platform or wall to jump on. This mechanic allows users to choose their own path, traversing through the gameworld at whatever pace they may choose. With clever use of the Shadow Core, crafty explorers may find shortcuts, alternative paths, hidden collectibles, and easter eggs hidden throughout Numbra.

For gamers with a competitive edge, Light Fall contains a speedrun game mode, where players may compete to attain the fastest time on the online leaderboard.

Bishop Games is an indie game studio based in Quebec City, Canada, founded in February of 2014 by three aspiring and ambitious video game fanatics. Light Fall is the studio’s first game.

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