Little Nightmares II Announced, Will Introduce Combat


During Gamescom’s Opening Night Live Stream, Tarsier Studios showcased the first trailer for Little Nightmares II.

The announcement trailer, seen below, is made of in-engine footage and showcases the new playable character Mono.

The protagonist of the last game, Six, will be working alongside the player as they venture forth to the ‘Signal Tower’, which is “the center of the whole story,” according to senior narrative designer Dave Mervik.

A new addition to Little Nightmares II is the introduction of combat: using kitchen utensils, players will be able to defend themselves from enemies. Even though combat is new to the series, the game will not focus on combat but rather the avoidance and platforming, like its predecessor.

Tarsier Studios wanted to convince people that a sequel would never happen just so the studio could give fans a pleasant surprise.

The game will launch in 2020 for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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Chris Hepburn
A graduate of Game Development with a specialization in animation. A true love for all things creative especially Game Design and Story.

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