Lona: Realm of Colors

Lona: Realm of Colors is a new point-and-click project, now on Kickstarter, that challenges players with making sense of a teenage girl’s struggles using her evocative artwork.

In development at the the debut Swedish studio SpaceFox, Lona: Realm of Colors is billed as an “art game,” and, as such, focuses more on the experience than the gameplay mechanics. Players will step into the shoes of the eponymous character after her reliance on art to deal with her troubles sees her become disconnected from reality and trapped within her paintings.

The main drive of the game is to uncover what happened in Lona’s past to cause her such existential anxiety, as well as to restore her to reality. The former goal will be achieved by interacting with certain items hidden within each of the game’s 15 levels, while the latter will occur only when each of Lona’s paintings achieves a balance between the brightly chaotic and darkly logical sides of her personality, represented by a cat (Ms Schmidt) and crow (Mr Ruppel) respectively. To create the balance between these opposing viewpoints, players will be able to switch between the two art styles in each level, dragging items from one into the other to create a harmonious “balanced” vision.

The story and style are heavily influenced by the works of Studio Ghibli’s Hayao Miyazaki, which lends the game a whimsical, evocative air that catches the eye and imagination.

Initially seeking approximately USD$25,000 from the crowdfunding campaign, Lona: Realm of Colors is currently targeting an August 2018 release on Steam, with a relatively modest stretch goal of USD$35,000 to also bring the game to mobile platforms.

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Damien Lawardorn
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