Offroad Biking Game Lonely Mountains: Downhill Hits Kickstarter

Lonely Mountains

After more than two years of preparatory work, Megagon Industries has begun the crowdfunding campaign for the offroad-descent-based sports game, Lonely Mountains: Downhill.

Seeking €35,000, with an intended release window of July 2018, the game eschews the racing typically found in similar titles in favour of a strictly single-player experience as players make their way down one of several custom-designed mountain tracks based on real-world locations. Furthermore, the developers have opted to make simplicity a hallmark of the project, with the design ethos applying to the gameplay, visuals, and audio.

Players will be able to accelerate, brake, and steer, with slides and jumps occurring as the natural result of the course interacting with the game’s custom physics system. A degree of depth will be included through multiple unlockable bikes, each of which will have distinct statistics to make each descent feel unique.

The low-poly artstyle of Lonely Mountains: Downhill is eye-catching, and will be married to a simplistic layout. The developers will not include sponsors, audiences, or podiums, but instead ensure that the visual design is ruled by natural elements, including trees and animals. However, visual diversity appear through the inclusion of tracks set in the European Alps, the Canadian Rockies, and the golden forests of India. The audio design reflects the visuals, with natural sounds dominating the experience, rather than intrusive background music.

At present, Megagon Industries is focusing on a PC release of the game, but has not ruled out the possibility of console ports. Similarly, the developers have not announced stretch goals for the project.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill was previously featured in a previous edition of OnlySP’s Indie Highlight Reel.

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