Stygian, a CRPG by Turkey-based developer Cultic Games about the uncaring universe as depicted by H.P. Lovecraft, has released their Kickstarter upon the world.

The CRPG has you play as investigators who, in traditional Lovecraftian fashion, must unravel a mystery of global proportions. An event, now only known as “The Black Day”, has occurred. While shuffling down the streets of Arkham with your thumbs hooked into your trouser’s belt-hooks and whistling a tone-deaf tune, you discover the rest of the world is gone. Obliterated. The only hint of what has happened rests in a dull memory swirling thickly in your mind: A person called The Dismal Man told you “Find me beyond Arkham, after the Black Day.”

How you do so is in a style unusual to CRPGs. Stygian is aimed at delivering a more investigative edge faithful to Lovecraftian tales. You must wander the corrupted streets, asking people what occurred while examining what has been left in the wake of the Black Day. This is done on a 2D, heavily-stylized backdrop akin to mad drawings from an illustrated book.

The combat in Stygian also exists on the 2D plane. Despite there being combat, you’re encouraged to perhaps not always gun all the creatures down as you are only mortal. You can also cast powerful magic, but, well…Perhaps it’s also best that you don’t dabble in such things that threaten mind, body, and soul…

The character you must unravel the truth with, or perhaps not, is able to be one of seven (with an eighth as a stretch goal) traditional Lovecraftian archetypes as well as hold various perks/skills and even one of eight belief systems (that will allow you to regain your sanity, as you cling desperately to a philosophy that makes sense to you when nothing else does). You can also craft items, such as restorative medication, combative tools, or situation-solving devices.

Fortunately, you’re not alone. You’ll have companions such as the Outsider, Nameless Soldier, and Dusky (the cat), beings affected by the corruption of Arkham who can aid but may also take rejection within the twisted landscape unfavorably.

Stygian’s goal is €55,000, with €20,500 raised as of writing and 28 days to go. It has been currently announced to be coming to Windows, Mac and Linux with an estimated delivery date of November 2017.

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