Since we were first introduced to the survival horror game Routine two years ago we’ve been waiting for more information and a release date. Today we finally have a release window to share with you, along with a new trailer.

Routine will launch in March 2017, according to Lunar Software. The game was originally planned to release before 2016 concluded, but they’ve pushed the release window back to March to make sure the game is up to snuff.

Here’s what the development team had to say on their blog:

If you follow us on twitter, you may have noticed that we were hinting towards a late 2016 release. We have been working like crazy to try and hit that mark without compromising the quality of the game and at this rate, we would be releasing way too close to the Steam Christmas Sales (which would be devastating for us). In the end we felt like it was best to just not rush things at this final hurdle.

We hope you enjoy the trailer and that it can make the final months until release a little easier, we can’t thank you all enough for being so patient and supportive over these years. It’s incredibly motivating to read your kind messages even when development has took so much longer than expected.

Check out the latest trailer for the game below.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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