Quite a bit of Mad Max news today. Earlier, the release date and official canceling of PS3 and XBox 360 versions were announced. Now we have some more gameplay-specific details via Game Informer’s April edition.

While the bulk of gameplay will take place within the game’s map, players are free to venture outside of these roughly defined borders into the area known as The Big Nothing. Here the danger to the player is extremely heightened, as there are zero sources of food or water, and enormous sandstorms are common. The reward for survival will be in the form of rare parts for Max’s vehicle, the Magnum Opus.

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Within the standard gameplay areas, food and water will remain in low supply, however somewhat contrary to the theme of the films, fuel will be largely available. This doubles-down on the idea that there will be more of a focus on vehicle combat than on-foot exploration. That doesn’t mean Avalanche hasn’t worked on the hand-to-hand portion of the game, where combat is deemed to fit the Arkham series style of attacks, counter-attacks and dodge-rolls.

Strangely the game has settled on vehicle upgrades being done from in the game menu rather than in garages found throughout the wastes. This seems like it would take players out of the game… a strange design choice. We’ll have to see how it works this September on PC, Playstation 4 and XBoxOne.

Mad Max releases Sept. 1 in North America and Sept. 4 in the UK. Thanks to IGN for the original information.

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  1. well, even though fuel was supposedly scarce in the films nobody ever seems to run out :)
    Perhaps my most anticipated game… ever.

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