Microsoft has recently added two more games to the list of backwards-compatible games for the Xbox One: the open world Mafia II, and the 2006 sci-fi shooter Prey.

Inhabiting the shoes of Native American Tommy, Prey allows players to leave their body in spirit form and explore an abandoned spaceship with a haunting atmosphere. While not too popular upon release, Prey eventually became somewhat of a cult classic, leading to the decision to reboot the franchise with a game of the same name in 2017, for which OnlySP’s Marley delivered high praise.

Mafia II takes place in the fictional city Empire Bay during the 1940s, where players take control of Vito Scaletta, a war veteran who uses his criminal connections to make a name for himself. The director of Mafia II, Daniel Vávra, most recently worked on the medieval role-playing game Kingdom Come: Deliverance at Warhorse Studios. Mitch added the game to his list of RPGs to watch out for in 2018, and OnlySP’s official review is coming soon.

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