You’ve been waiting pretty patiently for this one.

2K has just confirmed that they will be revealing Mafia III on August 5th at 8 AM ET. The first trailer for the game will premiere at that time, and members of the press will be treated to a behind closed doors presentation of the game at Gamescom.

Hangar13 is most likely the development team behind the game, but that has yet to be confirmed by 2K. According to the press release, Mafia III is the next installment in the popular series known for immersing players into a world of organized crime through rich narrative storytelling and a beautifully crafted game world featuring period-accurate cars, music and fashion.”

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Nick Calandra
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  1. Haha, you were right, look at the bottom of the mafiagame dot com page, it’s developed by Hangar 13 and 2k Czech! :D

    Also, RIP sci-fi bounty hunter game. ;'(

  2. But without Daniel Vavra, will it be good?

    1. I’m sure it’ll be alright. 2K knows how to make open world games and make them well.

    2. They have a pretty awesome team behind this, including quite a few Mafia vets talent. What can we expect?

      “[…] We’re currently creating an intense action game set in an immersive world and with a strong narrative, but player agency is at the heart of everything we do. We want to give players the freedom to choose how to overcome challenges and make meaningful decisions that shape the world and characters around them. […]”

      Excerpt from the new Mafia team manifesto.

      Will it be good? It will be great, if you ask me. :)

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