Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Morality System Won’t Be as Clear Cut as the Original Trilogy’s

Mass Effect

Mac Walters, creative director at Bioware, has revealed that the morality system for Mass Effect: Andromeda will be aiming for more of a grey-scale morality system rather than measuring your actions with Paragon/Renegade points.

Speaking with GamesRadar+, Walters commented how the new system is part of Bioware’s desire to “[look] for other ways to engage more of those shades of grey; less about it being obviously being right or wrong and more about giving people a sense of choice.” He elaborates on his reasoning behind the shift, saying “I think in general, with all this sophistication of games or engaging in any kind of entertainment right now, [gamers are] looking for more of those shades of grey.”

If there’s the warning bell going off hearing this, as you’re concerned a new morality system wouldn’t mesh well with who Shepard is, it seems Andromeda is Bioware’s attempt to break away from the original trilogy. Not only will it feature a new protagonist, Ryder, but the new Mass Effect wouldn’t be registering your old save files. True to prior announcements of the narrative, Mass Effect: Andromeda will be it’s own fresh tale in a fresh universe along with its own fresh outlook.

Will it be possible to measure such an abstract concept as grey-scale morality in a meaningful way? You’ll have to find out when Mass Effect: Andromeda hits PS4, Xbox One and PC in Q1 2017.

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