The first trailer of Medal of Honor: Warfighter has been released by EA and Danger Close. The trailer shows in-game scenes from the upcoming title, and implies the story will encompass numerous military organizations from across the world. The trailer also shows that the game will come with a “40-hour tactical headstart.” Medal of Honor: Warfighter is scheduled for release on October 23rd.

[youtube id=”fNQFig_258A” width=”600″ height=”350″]



Josh Schultze

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  1. Looks awesome. Will be playing this.

    1. It looks awesome because its Battlefield's brother. Sons of Frostbite 2.0.

      1.  This'll be exactly like BF3. Great tech, garbage campaign, and without BF3's gigantic maps it'll have a garbage multiplayer. Hated the first Medal of Honor, they're destroying a beloved series by slapping its name on a generic FPS.

        1. Nah, the campaign in MoH was a hell of a lot better than most FPS campaigns in my opinion. I think Danger Close will nail it on the head this time, or at least I'm hoping. We don't get a lot of good dramatic war stories that mean much to people.

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