You may or may not have heard that Medal of Honor: Warfighter is attempting to convey an emotional story that allows its soldiers to come across as more than just killers. Stephen Totillo of Kotaku recently got a chance to speak with the producer Greg Goodrich and get a preview of the game. To him, one of the most interesting inclusions was that of the hero’s wife.

During the preview, a recorded phone message from the wife of the protagonist, codename Preacher, was played before some of the game’s action was shown. “What I heard was the voice of a woman, itself a rarity in military shooters,” Totillo said. “This was the voice of the wife of the main character, Preacher, the playable main character in this ripped-from-the-headlines adventure of top-tier military personnel fighting terrorists across the world.” He expressed interest in how the narrative would play out and felt confident that the relationship would be a central aspect of the story rather than being tacked on.

“That human side is very real, and it’s very prevalent in the game,” said producer Greg Goodrich regarding the relationship between Preacher and his wife. “Clearly they’ve reached a junction in their relationship where she’s like, you’re gone 300 days out of the year or you’re deployed overseas or in training. She’s saying, ‘I am trying to raise this family and I need help.’ Clearly, there’s struggle there and they have a choice to make. Clearly, Preacher is a fighter. He doesn’t want to give up. That is a whole other layer to this game and a storyline that will become more evident.” The developers are clearly interested in fleshing out the characters of the game and providing a satisfying tale for the player to follow. He ended by saying “If we are doing our job right, we will drive home the fact that these are more than just guys with guns.”

Goodrich also said that the recent assault against Bin Laden won’t be included or mentioned in the game. “I really can’t comment on it. It’s one of those areas I’d just rather not comment on right now. I would just say it’s just not our story to tell.” Fair enough, I suppose. Given all the media coverage that was done on the subject, perhaps it’s a better call to convey some of the lesser-known aspects of today’s conflicts.

That’s all the story details we have regarding the game so far. While we’ll ultimately have to wait and see how the story plays out, it’s encouraging to see that Danger Close is attempting to add context and stakes to the narrative. Make sure to call back OnlySP regularly and see if they pick up with important and encouraging messages for you regarding Medal of Honor: Warfighter. It comes out on October 23rd for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.



Michael Urban
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