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UPDATED: Metro Exodus To Last As Long As Previous Games Combined

UPDATE: This story originally alleged that Metro Exodus was estimated to last twice as long as the previous two Metro games combined.

Deep Silver’s global brand manager Huw Beynon reached out clarify that although the script is that large, the game will, in fact, be double the length of either game, but not the two together. As such, gamers should likely expect the story to last within the vicinity of 20 hours, if these averages of Metro: Last Light are any indication.

OnlySP apologises for the editorial inaccuracy.

ORIGINAL STORY: Deep Silver’s head of global brand management, Huw Beynon, has revealed that the studio’s upcoming Metro Exodus will last significantly longer than its predecessors.

Speaking to GamesTM, Beynon stated that Exodus will last longer than both Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light combined:

“We’re looking at a total playtime of both previous games combined. In terms of geographical footprint, as we have moved to these more open areas, we can fit pretty much the entirety of the first two games (in terms of footprint) into just one of our huge levels. The last two games came in at about 12GB each, and we’re struggling to fit Metro Exodus onto a single Blu-ray.”

Metro‘s transition into a true open-world game has increased hype substantially. If the title’s size estimations ring true, then Deep Silver is looking at a massive upgrade compared to its usual scope.

Furthering the above, executive producer Ken Bloch was quick to allay fears of dilution or padding in Exodus‘s open world. He stated that the title will feature no fetch quests or unnecessary side-content. Bloch also discussed the studio’s difficulty in balancing open-world design with the franchise’s trademark linearity:

“When we first started we made a completely open level and we went completely in the wrong direction with it. We had to reel it back in… we had to go back in the other direction and see where the line was. Then we found ourselves removing too much of that open feel. It was a back and forth for so long, of us just iterating to try to figure out the right balance. At the end of the day, I think if we had gone completely open world that maybe there’s some formula that we could’ve found, eventually. But I certainly think that it would’ve been a larger shock to the system, for ourselves, and for our fans.”

Exodus was one of the highlights of this year’s E3, igniting interest from all angles with its excellent gameplay trailer. Since then, Deep Silver has expanded on the project’s incorporation of seasons and other organic systems.

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