Our 4A games source “THQvagrantscout” has returned on the official forums for Metro: Last Light, equipped with some more info on the upcoming game. Grab a gas mask as we dive right in.

Firstly, when asked about secondary objectives, he stated “there will be about the same amount of secondary objectives in Metro: Last Light as were available in Metro 2033.” However, he didn’t specify any examples.

Regarding the oh-so pleasant graphics, “vagrantscout” had this to say; “We’ve improved virtually every aspect of the visuals. Some of these changes are subtle, some will be very apparent when you play the game. We’re particularly proud of the advances we’ve made to our outdoor environments, something we hope to show off in the not too distant future…” No doubt we’ll see some trailers soon that showcase these fabled graphics.

The save system is being changed, it seems. When asked if Last Light will keep the quick-save feature, he responded; “Our current plan is to use a check-point save system only. We’re aware of the pros of a quick-save system, but this can be open to abuse and potentially break immersion. With the additional polish time afforded to us, we’re confident we can implement a fair and robust checkpoint system that does not trap or penalize the player, which are the main concerns directed at this type of save mechanic.” Speaking as a guy who definitely does ‘abuse’ that type of system, it’s nice to see that I’ll be bit more restrained here. Hopefully checkpoints will be spaced properly.

The representative didn’t have much to say about the factions in the game, but we do have this; “You’ll meet the same factions as last time, but the factions play a much bigger role in the storyline and you’ll learn a lot more about them.” Basically, expect the same factions, but bigger and better this time around.

Many were a bit baffled at the inclusion of a minigun in the E3 demo, as it’s realistic accuracy is a bit questionable. “Vagrantscout” has attempted to justify this, however. “Almost all our new weapons are ‘Metro-made’ and regarding the mini-gun, we use this sparingly in the full game,” he said. “We wanted to showcase it in our E3 demo last year, but it’s understandably a very rare piece of hardware.”

Finally, when one user asked about guns potentially jamming, the following was the rep’s response. “Some weapons overheat. For example, the “Bastard” is prone to overheating during sustained fire and you’ll be able to see a plume of steam venting to warn you that this is about to happen. Keep firing and the gun will jam prompting an emergency field repair and volley of swearing from Artyom … Guns do not permanently break though.” Sounds like it will add to the immersive nature of he game, for sure.

Metro: Last Light is set for an early 2013 release, on the PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U. Make sure to follow OnlySP for further details regarding the game.

[Metro: Last Light Forums]

Michael Urban
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  1. I&#039m very glad that THQ didn&#039t go out of buisness, and lookin&#039 forward to some more Metro!!

  2. I'm very glad that THQ didn't go out of buisness, and lookin' forward to some more Metro!!

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