Metro: Last Light – Expect better sound design, new mutants, and maybe a flamethrower

Some more tantalizing details have emerged regarding Metro: Last Light, specifically in the areas of sound design, mutants, weapon traits, and the possibility of a flamethrower.

Firstly, forums source THQvagrantscout talked about how Metro‘s mutants are going through an overhaul in terms of appearance and behavior.

We’ve extensively redesigned all our mutants, both in physical appearance and also animation/behaviors, and introduced several new mutants (including one of our largest mutants as shown at the end of last year’s E3 demo)

Next, we were told that Metro: Last Light will be using a highly improved sound system that calls for many of the weapon soun effects to be reworked. You can’t have an atmospheric game without top-notch sound.

All weapons sounds will be reworked as we are implementing new HDR sound in Metro: Last Light. Balancing of sounds is not a simple procedure and will be finished later in development so what you are hearing now is a work in progress. But rest assured, the sound of the Duplet will receive the power it deserves!

We have dramatically improved the game’s sound system (e.g. faithful reproduction of 3D echo effects, interactive soundtrack, etc.). The output setting is automatically taken from console/Windows sound settings.

Weapon attributes are on a lot of fans’ minds as of late. We’ve been told that extensive balancing is being done on the weapons, and that they won’t behave exactly like the firearms of today.

We’re continuing to tune the balance of each weapon, and that includes recoil, so anything you’ve seen in our E3 Gameplay Demo should be considered a “work in progress” and not necessarily the final result. But Metro’s weapons are not supposed to behave like modern, hi-tech military weaponry so you can expect some of them to suffer from recoil, poor accuracy, and even overheating.

One user asked whether Last Light would include the ability to move dead bodies during stealth gameplay. Sadly, this is not something you can expect at the moment.

[The ability to move corpses] is not currently planned.

Finally, a user asked about the possibility of a flamethrower showing up in the final product. Who doesn’t like barbeques, after all? Vagrantscout responded with a vague but encouraging answer.

All we can say to this question is “wait and see”.

Metro: Last Light releases early 2013 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. Make sure to follow OnlySP for more tantalizing news.

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