As Jereme reported yesterday, Metro: Last Light has gone gold and will be releasing on May 14th. Some new info has come about however that should excite many of you. In an interview with a Ukrainian tech site called Itcchannel, 4A Games stated in the interview that Last Light will be coming to the PS4 and will also release a separate version of the game that features multiplayer. More than likely that will be a downloadable only title akin to how Killzone 3’s multiplayer was handled.

Since the game is coming to the PS4, we assume Xbox fans shouldn’t be too surprised when 4A and Deep Silver announce that it will be coming to the next Xbox as well sometime in the near future. Aside from a next-gen version of the game being announced, 4A also revealed that the game will receive 5 DLC packs. According to the interview these DLC missions will be played by the point of view of other characters you meet throughout your playthrough. As per usual nowadays, a season pass was hinted at by 4A, so expect to hear about that sooner or later as well.

Finally, the SDK for Metro: Last Light may be released after the game releases to support modding of the game. The interview didn’t state whether or not this would be exclusive to the PC platform so maybe there’s a sliver of hope that modding could be supported by the next-generation of consoles.

The full interview is below, but good luck translating it. Instead, you can view our source by visiting the link to the Metro Last Light forums.


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  1. This is awesome! Modding tools??!! Mind blown!

  2. The PS4’s hardware is too tasty for 4A Games to ignore..!

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