When was the last time a game actually scared you? Besides the shocking disappointment that was RAGE, I mean. THQ is hoping that sooner or later, your reply to that question will be Metro: Last Light.

Speaking at the pre-E3 event in London, THQ’s Huw Beynon said the following regarding Last Light‘s tense and creepy atmosphere.

“We would like to scare the player, like to unsettle the player, unnerve the player, we’d like the player to feel threatened and vulnerable and lonely and not knowing what’s around the corner and wondering whether they’re equipped to deal with what’s around the next corner whatever that may be. That kind of vulnerability is kind of important to us.”

That’s not all the game is doing on the atmosphere front, however. Half-life 2, often considered a milestone in single-player gaming, is a huge inspiration for the team at 4A Games, and they’re planning to make Last Light just as engaging and memorable.

“When I remember Half-Life 2 I don’t remember just shooting things, I remember moments, like the escape from the boat, or crossing the bridge, or investigating the farm or invading the prison. I talk about it the way I remember and talk about a really great film I’ve seen. One of the things we saw with Metro 2033 and hopefully we’ll see with Last Light is people talking about the things they’ve seen and the moments they experienced. That’s what we mean by being story and scenario driven.”

“What you’ll find in Metro is an incredible amount of attention spent making each moment narrative driven. We don’t recycle that many art assets. We’ve managed to get a huge amount of visual variety given we have this underground and post-apocalyptic location. Each combat encounter, whether it’s versus mutants or humans, will feel completely different throughout the game depending on the environment you’re fighting in. It’s those kinds of things we think will create those moments that will stand out and people will remember.”

“We think gamers are crying out for something more sophisticated and original, and if we can get the level of polish this time around and we can give the game the promotional support THQ has admitted it failed at last time, it will be very successful and create something that will stay true to the studio’s artistic vision and not have to make market driven concessions.”

Were there any other games you played recently that truly chilled you or were evocative of Half-life 2? To me, Resistance 3 did a bit of both.

Metro: Last Light comes out in early 2013 for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. The Wii U version is no longer a ‘certainty’.

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