Beyond Good and Evil 2

Game Director Michel Ancel has provided a first look at the scale and technology powering Beyond Good and Evil 2.

As reported shortly following the project’s official unveiling at E3 2017, Beyond Good and Evil 2 will incorporate a physically-accurate star system that can be seamlessly explored. The new demonstration shows this scale by taking the customisable protagonist (in this case the monkey from the original video) from on-foot wanderings on the outside of a small dogfighter spaceship to floating far above the planet’s surface, with a much larger planet looming in the background.

Ancel also takes the time to compare the character’s size to that of the Ganesha statue from the reveal video, the ability to move across the planet’s surface at hyperspeed, and also the engine’s capability to render planet-changing effects in real-time. The director also goes into some detail about how questlines can emerge organically from the game world, citing the example of being able to undertake a pizza delivery mission to a spaceship before exploring the ship, finding evidence of human trafficking, and taking said evidence to the authorities:

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is a prequel to the original game, and will reportedly tell the story of how the human-animal hybrids, such as the monkey in the above demonstration and pigs from the original unveiling, attained freedom from slavery. Few concrete details on the project are available at the present time, though the game is expected to primarily be a single-player adventure.

The game is currently without target platforms, though PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One are widely expected. Similarly, Ubisoft has not announced a release window for the project, though earlier comments suggest that a publicly playable build of the Beyond Good and Evil 2 will not be available for at least a year.

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