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Midgar Studio Launch New KickStarter JRPG: Edge of Eternity



Edge of Eternity logo

French indie team Midgar Studio have launched a KickStarter campaign for their upcoming JRPG, Edge of Eternity. Set in Heryon, “a universe blending fantasy with science-fiction”, Edge of Eternity follows Daryon, a student, and Selen, a nomad, as they’re hunted by the oppressive regime set up in the wake of an invasion that ravaged the planet with war and disease.

Combining the hybrid dynamic turn-based battles seen in Final Fantasy XIII, with the multiple open-world areas familiar to fans of Borderlands or Dragon Age: Inquisition, Edge of Eternity hopes to combine the best of both Japanese and Western RPGs.

On top of their $44,000 target, Midgar have announced a series of stretch goals. Edge of Eternity is initially planned for release on PC, Mac and Linux in December of 2016, but if the campaign reaches $60,000, it’ll make it’s way to PS4 and Xbox One too. If the project reaches $135,000, EoE will also feature an orchestral soundtrack from Chrono Trigger and Soul Sacrifice composer Yasunori Mitsuda.

A pre-alpha demo is available from the KickStarter page now, along with the rest of the details.

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ARMA 3 ‘Contact’ Campaign Will Take Around Six Hours to Complete




ARMA 3‘s new spin-off expansion will receive a sizable campaign, which is expected to take between four and six hours to complete.

Joris-Jan van ‘t Land, project lead of ‘Contact‘, provided some fresh details regarding the campaign length in an exclusive interview with OnlySP. He confirmed that the campaign will take around four to six hours to complete depending on player ability:

“The length is always hard to specify, because it, of course, depends on each individual player, and how much they explore the terrain beyond the core objectives. We’d estimate normal play sessions lasting between 4 and 6 hours.” He continued, “After that, there’s, of course, a cool box of new toys to tinker with, including the rest of the new Livonia terrain. We also hope community creators get inspired to build their own alien scenarios.”

van ‘t Land also revealed that players will take on the role of a “NATO drone operator” undergoing military training exercises in Livonia. During one of these seemingly routine training exercises, humanity encounters an alien species coming face-to-face with strange technology.

“A big part of the campaign is about uncovering its mystery and exploring what is going on, so we’ll leave most details for players to discover for themselves.” He added, “You will assume the role of a NATO drone operator, deployed to Livonia for military training exercises. Eventually, our alien visitors arrive at the Area of Operations, and from there on out you’re part of an improvised reconnaissance operation to investigate what’s going on.”

ARMA 3 ‘Contact’ is set to release on 25 July 2019 for PC. Our full interview with Bohemia Interactive about the expansion will be available in the coming days.

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