Mistaken Visions’s Noir Horror, The Piano, Receives New Teaser and Partnership

The Piano

Indie developer Mistaken Visions has teamed up with Game If You Are to launch a new horror project titled The Piano.

The game follows the trials and torment of John Barnerway as he is endlessly hunted by the media following the murder of three renowned pianists—his older siblings George, Louis, and Valentine.

The Piano was originally announced back in 2016 for an early 2017 release with a teaser outlining much of what audiences can expect from the game in terms of visuals and puzzle solving. A second trailer was later unveiled featuring a similar sombre, yet beautiful, piano-based backing track as dialogue hints towards the game’s plot.  

After receiving feedback from early testers, the game’s creator Jonathan Stemmildt decided to delay the game until this year. The new release window was unveiled at the end of The Piano’s latest teaser trailer following the partnership with Game If You Are.

Not only has the title had a graphical improvement, but the added support from Game If You Are has allowed for the hiring of voice actors. The director of Game If You Are, Lewis Denby had the following to say about the now joint project: “I first discovered The Piano 18 months ago. When Jonathan sent me an early demo. I found a game that, while rough around the edges, had an atmosphere and personality unlike anything I’d ever played before—and since then, Jonathan and I have kept collaborating on occasion, slowly nudging it towards completion.”

The Piano will be released on PC in Spring 2018.

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