Monster-Hunting Adventure Game Praey for the Gods Gets Surprise Early Access Launch Date

Praey for the Gods

No Matter Studios has announced an unexpectedly near release date for the Early Access launch of its Shadow of the Colossus-inspired adventure game Praey for the Gods.

The game will be available beginning from January 31.

The Early Access period is expected to last for between six months and a year while the team continues to produce content and polish the project.

Developed by a three-person team, Praey for the Gods has, so far, been fully funded through its successful Kickstarter campaign. That crowdfunding effort raised more than USD$500,000 back in 2016.

At that time, the team targeted a late 2017 release, but decided to take more time to refine the experience.

For anyone unfamiliar with Praey for the Gods, it casts players as a woman in an icy fantasy world who aims to discover why winter has never ended. The quest to do so will combine the core gameplay loop of killing enormous boss beasts with smaller-scale battles and survival elements.

Praey for the Gods was the subject of controversy a few years ago when Zenimax Media forced No Matter Studios to change the original titlePrey for the Gods—to avoid potential confusion with Prey.

More details on the title are available in the interview OnlySP’s Carlo Thomas conducted with the team back in 2016.

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