MOTHERGUNSHIP is Zooming to a Mid-Year Release


Joe Mirabello of Terrible Posture Games has announced that MOTHERGUNSHIP will be releasing in mid-2018.

MOTHERGUNSHIP, the spiritual successor to Tower of Guns, is an action-packed first-person bullet hell shooter.

In MOTHERGUNSHIP the player can customize their gun in a multitude of ways, creating unique weapons that can fill the outer edge of the screen. Customizing the gun to be a flamethrower with barrels around the outer edge of the screen or two shotgun barrels, a gravity altering weapon, and a grenade launcher all on screen is possible.

The goal of the game is to power through a fleet of data-hoarding gunships aimed to destroy Earth on the way to getting to the leader of the evil armada. The fleet has special foundry ships that create the robots the player will be battling as they take down each ship from the inside by destroying its heart.

MOTHERGUNSHIP‘s varied designs of the enemies, stylized zones with their own set of unique rooms, and fun gunplay have all been inherited from Tower of Guns. OnlySP interviewed Mirabello last year, and more details about the game are available here.

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