Whimsical Sandbox RPG My Time At Portia Launches into Early Access

The publishing arm of Team17 (Worms, The Escapists) has announced the Early Access launch for the “sandbox simulation RPG” My Time at Portia.

Available immediately, the game casts players as a young adult freshly arrived in the town of Portia and tasks them, first, with setting up a home in a workshop bequeathed by their father. The process of building a homestead from raw materials forms the bulk of the early hours of the title, but gameplay options expand quickly.

Players will be able to take on requests for new crafting projects from villagers, as well as get to know the inhabitants of Portia. The quaintness fades a little as the character makes their way to the edge of the village, where lurk ancient ruins and dungeons filler with monsters. The danger comes with a trade-off, however, as secrets and certain valuable resources can only be found in such locations.

At present, the game is estimated to contain 25 hours of gameplay, with plenty more set to be added during the course of the Early Access period. The final game is expected to be ready in nine months and will include a host of extra features over the Early Access version including more areas, side quests, story content, and the ability to raise and ride animals.

My Time at Portia is currently available on Steam for USD$19.99/GBP£15.99. The price will increase on the full release, but that final cost has not yet been specified. Meanwhile, Playstation 4, Switch, and Xbox One releases for the game are also expected at some point later this year.

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