Native American Adventure This Land Is My Land Launches on Steam

This Land is My Land

Game Labs has launched its open-world Western title This Land Is My Land into Steam Early Access.

This Land Is My Land is an open-world stealth action game puts players in the shoes of the chief of a small Native American tribe. Players must unite neighboring tribes in the struggle to fend off the American settlers pushing west.

As the chief, players are able to guide NPC allies on scouting missions, settle reconquered territory, and participate in various other activities. Players must choose their strategy in the long fight to reclaim their territory. Enemy camps, mines, settlements, and forts stand in the way of recapturing what once belonged to the native tribes.

The environment changes dynamically depending on player’s decisions. The geography remains the same, but enemy patrols, camps, and the rate of new warriors joining the cause will be different.

Every choice players make will impact their karma. Different choices will provide certain advantages and disadvantages depending on whether they are positive or negative.

This Land Is My Land is available now on Steam for USD$39.99.

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