This Land is My Land

Game Labs has launched its open-world Western title This Land Is My Land into Steam Early Access.

This Land Is My Land is an open-world stealth action game puts players in the shoes of the chief of a small Native American tribe. Players must unite neighboring tribes in the struggle to fend off the American settlers pushing west.

As the chief, players are able to guide NPC allies on scouting missions, settle reconquered territory, and participate in various other activities. Players must choose their strategy in the long fight to reclaim their territory. Enemy camps, mines, settlements, and forts stand in the way of recapturing what once belonged to the native tribes.

The environment changes dynamically depending on player’s decisions. The geography remains the same, but enemy patrols, camps, and the rate of new warriors joining the cause will be different.

Every choice players make will impact their karma. Different choices will provide certain advantages and disadvantages depending on whether they are positive or negative.

This Land Is My Land is available now on Steam for USD$39.99.

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John McCool
John has two main passions in life, gaming and writing. Survival Horror and RPGs are his two favorite genres, but he'll throw down in some fighters if need be. Whenever he is not battling the forces of evil, he is chilling with his amazing wife and cat Kennedy.

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  1. So you are fighting against the spread of civilization? Doesn’t that make you the bad guy?

    1. Only if you suffer from “trashcan ideology” syndrome.

    2. Native Americans were civilized. They had a different way of life from the European invaders, sure. But it wasn’t like they didn’t have communities, didn’t know how to take care of their children, how to trade with each other or something. They tried to live in harmony with their environment. Some were nomadic, some built permanent settlements, and some were somewhere in-between.

      So no, you aren’t the, “bad guy”.

      In fact, given that there were as many as 18 million Native Americans in North America – and by 1900 the number had been reduced to just 237,196 – this was possibly the greatest genocide that the world has ever known! Quite possibly much greater than the Holocaust!

      About 90% of those deaths were the result of disease and malnutrition due to the spread of the European settlers, not warfare or direct assaults. The spread of disease was not always unintentional on the part of the colonists. Several proven instances confirm that European settlers sometimes purposefully exterminated natives by giving them such things as blankets contaminated with smallpox (which the Natives had no prior exposure to – and thus no immunity against).

      So really, the European colonists were the actual “Bad Guys” for the most part, in this scenario.

      If, say, Microsoft wanted to build a computer factory and employee campus in your neighborhood, and would end up demolishing your home in the process (and weren’t planning to pay you for your home), would you be the “Bad Guy” if you fought against them? After all, you would be fighting against the, “spread of civilization”.

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