We got some new screenshots for Batman: Arkham Origins for you this morning. The new screenshots give us a good look into Deathstroke and a couple of interesting scenes in the game. I’m not sure how I feel about Kevin Conroy not throwing on the cape and cowl for this one and not voicing Batman. He is such a big part of the character’s lore and his personality that anyone else in the role might not live up to those expectations.

With that said, you certainly can’t go into the game having high expectations that the new voice actor is going to be just as good as everyone will have their own interpretation of how Batman/Bruce Wayne will sound. Well, at least we have the earlier Arkham games to go back too or even Injustice: Gods Among Us to get our fill of the real Batman. In the mean time, check out these new screenshots for Arkham Origins.

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  1. You guys really need a new gallery system, cause this one works only about 50% of the time.

    1. We have one that works, Mr Jereme just forgot to use it :)

      1. Yes, much better now.

  2. As a friend told me, I believe they got a different voice actor for Batman because he’s not a veteran yet of what he does. Therefore, he’s not comfortable enough to use his normal voice (Kevin Conroy) since this is just when, dare I say, Batman Begins.

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