Bill Lowe, the creator of upcoming historical survival game Before, has revealed some new details about the game in a blog post released a few days ago.

The post, which details things that occurred in November and December of last year, runs through a number of things from the game’s music to a new team member. It also discusses what Lowe and Facepunch Studios, the developers, hope to achieve with the game.

Lowe talks about the struggles the developers have had with AI of the game, saying the data received was “unpredictable and difficult to manage.” In response to the situation, he discusses the changes they have made to the AI and the effect that will have on gameplay, where they have introduced a goals system, whereby the goals of the different characters (Lowe calls them Agents) are branched out in to various sections and priority levels. This new system has meant that the choices of each of the different characters in the game need to be logged, thus allowing you to see what is happening in more detail than you would have been previously.

We are also informed that the team has a new member who is working on the animations of the game, which stretches from renderings of deer models to the creation of clothing and accessories. The game’s virtual reality capabilities are also coming along courtesy of Valve, and Lowe says that plans for both this month and the next range from fleshing out the AI to focusing on gameplay elements like crafting and building, followed by some more focus on combat.

There is currently no release date for Before, but keep up to date with OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Sep Gohardani

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