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New Developer Diary for Hellblade Focuses on the Game’s Story

Following the previous Hellblade developer diary showing off a prototype of the game’s combat, Ninja Theory have released a new developer diary for the Unreal Engine 4 third-person action game which focuses on the story.

Hellblade follows a protagonist suffering of psychological trauma, so the team behind the game did a lot of research to gain a scientific and personal understanding of what it means to be afflicted with psychological problems. Ninja Theory discussed with psychiatrists and professors to help with the themes they wanted to convey with Hellblade.

Senua, the main character, hears different voices, each with their own personality. Traumatizing memories appear as frightening hallucinations for Senua, fleshing out her origin story and giving meaning to the troubles she experiences throughout her journey.

Hellblade is set for a PlayStation 4 and PC release date in 2016.

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