New Update for This War of Mine adding and scenario editor and a bunch more new features
New Update for This War of Mine adding and scenario editor and a bunch more new features

A new update for This War of Mine is live adding new features to the already fantastic single player only game, which was announced via a blog post on the developers website.

The new features to the survival war game include a scenario editor, character editor, new locations and new music tracks specifically designed for night-time missions. Players can pick members for their group, the length of the conflict, weather conditions and can shape civilians appearance, skills, biographies and then play with them in-game.

Often video games developers focus on creating experiences where players control soldiers of great power and might, in huge conflicts in which you save the day and fight armies of soldiers.

The team behind This War of Mine, 11 Bit Studios, aimed to create an experience of war from a different perspective than what gamers are used to, putting players in the shoes of civilians in the middle of a military conflict.

You must survive in a war-torn environments, collecting food, keeping your fellow survivors sane and learn to live in a conflict, in which you are the weakest person in the game. Throughout the game you come across other civilians, who are trying to survive in your world and often horrible stories of the conflict and you numerous choices of how you interact with these survivors.

This War of Mine was released back in November last year to great reviews from across the industry and applause for its unique take on conflicts.

Check out the video below from 11 Bit Studios giving more details about the update, and let us know whether you are still playing This War of Mine.

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This War of Mine is out now for Mac, Linux and Windows PCs and is must play for single player only games.

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