New Frostpunk Update Introduces the Automatons


Polish developer 11 bit studios has today introduced one of the most incredible machines set to be included in its upcoming city-builder/survival game Frostpunk.

The Automatons are towering steampunk creations intended to represent the height of human engineering. As the name suggests, these machines are fully autonomous robots, and they are designed to ease the burden on the citizenry by replacing work crews and increasing efficiency by needing to take only short breaks to refuel.

However, according to the game’s Lead Designer, Kuba Stokalski, using these machines will create discontent: “the real question is, ‘how will your people react to them?’ Are they really safe to use within the confines of the city? These are the questions that you’ll have to answer for yourself.”

The developers also teased that today’s announcement is just the first in a series of updates set to be released in the coming weeks. Frostpunk is now reportedly in its final stages of development, and the team will be talking more about the features that will be included as time goes on.

The project is still scheduled to release before the end of Q1 2018. Meanwhile, 11 bit studios has also teased that Frostpunk is intended as just the first part of a larger world, though the form that will take remains under wraps. Nevertheless, the recently revealed This War of Mine: ‘Stories’ add-ons may be an indication of where Frostpunk will eventually go.

OnlySP spoke to the game’s Senior Producer, Błażej Żywiczyński, a few months ago to learn more about the design, setting, and choices of the title.

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