E3 2016

New God of War Revealed With Norse Setting

Sony kicked off their 2016 E3 press conference with a first look at a new God of War, with some changes from the traditional formula.

Kratos is back, a sullen, bearded figure traversing a snowy landscape with his son, a young boy. Together, they are on the hunt for a deer as the boy is trying to prove himself. Before long, they encounter some enemies and we get our first glimpse of a new style of combat, as Kratos’s Chains of Olympus are gone, replaced by an axe.

It quickly becomes clear that the Ancient Greek setting has been replaced by a Norse one, as a troll that the duo come across mentions Valhalla. Later, we also get a glimpse of a dragon, and a landscape that is eerily similar to that of Skyrim. A further similarity comes from the apparent presence of experience points, as the duo gains points for hunting experience.

We’ll post the video as soon as it becomes available.

Simply titled God of War, the new game has no set release date.

Keep it tuned for more on God of War, and all of the games of E3.

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