Following the first details released of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar have released the next trailer in what’s arguably set to become one of the largest games of 2013.

The trailer, set over a soundtrack which reminds us of the synthesised beats of Vice City, showcases the beauty to be found in Los Santos, with its glamorous cars and sprawling vistas.

There’s also in game dialogue shown, which serves to show players the drama they can expect when they pick up the title next Spring. We’re also introduced to each of the game’s protagonists, Michael, Trevor and Franklin, who each have their own dilemmas, yet are bound together into an unlikely partnership.

The scope of Los Santos looks unparalleled, with stretching highways and gigantic mountains providing just a glimpse of the content that forms this West Coast paradise. However, there’s also the fair share of dilapidated structures that serve to provide the underclass with a means of expression, with Rockstar famed for delving into the political issues that plague each tier of modern society.

Most importantly, the range of vehicles on offer looks more varied than ever, with dune buggies, 4×4’s, locomotives and public transport all set to create a more believable and realistic world than ever before.

Significant parts of gameplay shown include high speed chases, street side brawls, as well as flying portions that allow you to explore the higher altitudes of life.

Graphically, the game looks stunning, with careful attention to detail in almost every regard, from the detonation of a safe door, to the fluid animation of a fleeing dog. Thankfully, no animals were hurt in the making of this trailer. As long as you don’t include humans as animals that is.

Grand Theft Auto V looks to serve up the most epic adventure yet, and here’s hoping the narrative shared between the three characters matches the scope of the gameplay on offer. Make sure to watch the trailer for yourself below:

Daniel Martyniuk
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  1. Omfg !
    I want this game :)

  2. Omfg !
    I want this game :)

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