Kingdom Come Deliverance 2

Warhorse Studios has released a new update on the state of Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

In addition to recapping the biggest features from the last Tech Alpha, which has now been implemented with the latest update into the alpha, Creative Director Daniel Vavra states that the playable beta for backers of the project should be available in early 2016.

The beta will include most of the core game mechanics and about one-fifth of the final game map, as well as a handful of main story quests. Most of the story for the final game is written at this point, and is now being implemented into cutscenes and translated into English.

For immediate access to the current alpha and eventual access to the beta when it is released, you can still become a backer at the Kingdom Come website.

Andrea Giargiari
Feature Writer, Bachelor of Arts in Communications (Media and Culture) via UMass Amherst

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