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A new gameplay trailer for Mad Max the Game has been released on YouTube by Just Cause 3 developers, Avalanche Studios, showing off the open world gameplay and features as well as giving more details about the wasteland.

The new trailer shows off the deep car customization, which the developers has stated is one of the most important parts of the game, car on car and melee combat and more scenes of the beautiful desert landscapes.

It details the beginning of the game as well, explaining how you [Max] are left with nothing, not even your car to begin with, and must find and build a new car in order to travel the wasteland. The customization for your car will be more than just combat upgrades, but the more personal side as well, as players will be able to change their car to suit their playstyle.

A lot of car combat is shown in the trailer, as you can take on convoys of vehicles to gain supplies and collect resources from the environment to upgrade your own vehicle.

Other features shown include the brutal melee combat, using an industry trend of fighting gameplay which is focused on countering foes, with devastating weapons and executions to match. The developers also showed off some of the ways players will be able to interact with the world of Mad Max, by helping, or hindering factions throughout the world, and how these decisions will affect your experience.

However, it isn’t just the features on display, more highlights of the beautiful wasteland you’ll be spending hours in and some of the weather effects which will change your environment were impressive too. The Thunderdome also made an appearance in the trailer, which is a domed gladiatorial cage, originally made famous by the third Mad Max  film.

Interested in Mad Max? We here at OnlySP are, as it is one of our most anticipated single player games for 2015, is it one of yours too? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check out the new gameplay trailer below.

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Mad Max is coming to PS4, PC and Xbox One on the 1st of September this year.

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