Phoenix Point

New Phoenix Point Facilities and Mechanics Unveiled

Snapshot Games has delved into some of the base-building mechanics set to be included in Phoenix Point.

In the latest blog update for the title, the developer reveals that the player will have considerable freedom in how they build and expand on their bases.

However, enemy forces will attack the bases, and battles take place in the player-built spaces so players need to ensure their designs give them a tactical advantage. To that end, the bases comprise of walkways and rooms and can be multi-leveled.

When engaging in base defence, users must aim to minimise the damage they cause to the environment.

In addition to the high-level pitch for the bases, Snapshot revealed that the bases, similarly to those in the XCOM series, will include processing facilities, laboratories, and workshops.

The Geoscape has been announced previously, and the latest update provides a glimpse at security rooms, training facilities, alien containment units, agricultural chambers, and more.

Phoenix Point is slated to launch in June, but the team is currently working on the fourth Backer Build, which is yet to receive a release date.

Phoenix Point was recently nominated as one of the Honourable Mentions of OnlySP’s most anticipated games of 2019.

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