Impact Winter is the post apocalyptic survival themed game which is trying to separate itself for the other numerous post-apocalyptic games which are currently flooding the industry. The setting of Impact Winter is based around the concept of ‘Impact Winter’, where an asteroid collides with Earth, spreading so much debris through the atmosphere the sun is blocked out, leading to the eventual extinction of a majority of species on Earth, including humanity. The story follows Jacob Solomon, a leader of a group trying to survive in the now desolate wastelands of Canada, eight years after the ‘The Catastrophe” which befell the world.

Although it seems hopeless, as you and your fellow survivors are holed-up in an abandoned church, a mysterious transmission is intercepted declaring help is coming in 30 days. This is where your story truly begins as you must lead your team and survive until help arrives.

There are a number of different elements which help Impact Winter stand out from the crowd of other post-apocalyptic games. This includes dynamic events and story decisions as you explore ‘The Void’. The Void is a mysterious environment containing strange events and characters to discover. You will need to scavenge supplies from the environment to craft items for your party and yourself to upgrade and keep yourselves alive.

Another important part of the game is being the leader of your group and helping guide your team through the 30 days. Every member is useful in some way and has unique skills and stats, meaning you will need to use their skills in different ways to survive. Your team members can grow cold, hungry, bored or even die if not given supplies or are overworked.

A companion who will help you through your journey of survival is your trusty sidekick, Ako-Light, a robotic companion. The Ako-Light will be able to carry supplies, track your position and alert you to points of interest.

The dark and depressing wasteland of Canada sounds and looks like the perfect setting for a deep and immersive experience which Impact Winter is hoping to deliver. With micro managing and crafting, exploration and unique story elements and paths in each playthrough, the game is sounding great so far.

Earlier this year, Impact Winter was Greenlit through Steam, meaning it will be published on PC. It is being developed by the British game studio, Mojo Bones who you can follow for more news and developer diaries through the Impact Winter’s Steam Page and the developer’s TIG forums page.

Check out the teaser trailer for Impact Winter below, which explains the premise and shows off some of the snow filled and dire gameplay of Impact Winter.

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Impact Winter is set to come out on PC sometime in 2016, so we have a while to wait, but it seems like it will be worth it based on what has been shown so far through the development.

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