Renowned Explorers

Abbey Games has announced a new expansion for its game, Renowned Explorers, set to be called ‘The Emperor’s Challenge’.

Details on the new expansion are light at the moment, but Abbey Games has released a clever mini-comic strip on its website that provides a brief look at what the story will involve. Given the length of the comic strip, we will not include it here in the article, but it is available in its entirety at the link.

OnlySP’s former Editor-in-Chief, Reid Gacke, quite liked both the original game and its subsequent expansion. In reviewing the base game, he commented that “the worst thing I’m prepared to say about Renowned Explorers is that there isn’t more to it.” Meanwhile, in reviewing the game’s first expansion, ‘More to Explore,’ he scored it 7/10, saying “While ‘More to Explore’ [does not] revolutionize Renowned Explorers, it does give you more incentive to play the game multiple times rather than putting on blinders and blazing from start to finish.”

Check out Abbey Games’s website for more details on all things Renowned Explorers in the meantime.

As soon as more information is released about ‘The Emperor’s Challenge’ we will be sure to cover it here, so don’t forget to follow OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter if you have not already.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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