According to new reports, the Nintendo NX may very well forgo a disc drive entirely in favor of a 3DS style game card. This rumour comes in from Money-Link, a Japanese financial analysis site. Money-Link revealed its findings after delving into the financial reports of Macronix, a Taiwanese memory card manufacturer.

Macronix is the primary manufacturer of the 3DS game card, and they are reportedly expecting a big boost in sales around the time of the NX in March 2017. Macronix specifically cited the launch of the NX as a cause for significant order increases through their business year.

And just to add to the evidence, they are also working on a new type of chip that will increase the current memory limit from 8GB to 32GB. Using a 32GB card the NX could easily handle games on the same level as the Xbox One and PS4.

The new game card system rumors lines up with a patent that surfaced earlier this year for a new Nintendo console. The patent states that the console would have no optical drive and would instead feature a memory card slot.

Using a game-card system is more expensive to manufacture when compared to a disc drive, but it would allow the new console to be more durable, weigh less, and be more energy efficient. This matches up with a separate rumor stating that the NX will be a hybrid portable/home console.

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