Poland-based Carbon Studio’s upcoming title, Alice VR, has hit Steam Greenlight and is awaiting your votes. Their sci-fi exploration game crash lands you on an alien planet where a simple mission to gather supplies and repair your damaged ship turns urgent–every citizen has mysteriously disappeared.

In an interview with VR Ready, Founder and Art Director Aleksander Caban discusses the origins of the game, which was largely inspired by Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland.” Some of the psychedelic elements from the book, like Alice’s ability to grow and shrink, will be included as part of the puzzling-solving aspect. Alice VR also boasts stunning visuals a narrative that keeps player agency in mind with high replayability. Player comfort is also a key concern for the developers as Pawel Gajda, Project Manager and Social Media Specialist, discussed:

There aren’t any elements challenging players reflexes as yet […] We don’t want the players to feel pressure, or to have to move or turn around rapidly. We’re aware that because virtual reality is something brand-new, playing ALICE VR may be one of the first experiences with it for some people, and we want to make this experience as comfortable as possible.

Considering that one major feature is the ability to walk on walls via variable gravity, many players could benefit from a slower paced VR game, especially those who might be prone to motion sickness. The game will not have jump scares either.

Alice VR is currently scheduled for release in April for the Oculus Rift and will offer Oculus Touch support. Carbon Studio is also working on an HTC Vive version as well as Razer OSVR. Those without a VR device will be able to play the game on their PC, as well.

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Joanna Nelius
Joanna is drawn to sci-fi and post-apocalyptic worlds, and games with a generous amount of gore. When she's not gaming, she's convincing her friends it's a good idea to go into abandoned buildings.

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