The popularity of ghost hunting is making its way to VR thanks to Ghost Theory, the latest game in development by Prague-based indie company, Dreadlocks.

Starting the outline of their project with a quote by Stephen King, Ghost Theory is a single player horror adventure that puts some of the most well-known ghost hunting equipment into the hands of players and lets them explore real haunted places in a virtual space. Players will assume the role of Barbara, a clairvoyant who leads a paranormal investigation team as part of a secret university research program.

Each location in the game will be an open-ended haunted space, maximizing exploration time and allowing players to discover every backstory of every haunting. The longer it takes a player to accomplish the objective, the more the ghosts will stalk or harass them, so they must find a way to remove the ghosts from the space before they literally scare you to death.

Players will be equipped with several means of self-defense. Temperature drops are indicated by condensed breaths released into the air; ghost hunting equipment such as EVP recorders, Uv lights for finding ectoplasm, even holy water can be used to keep the ghost at bay. One special detail is the ability to close your eyes and wait for it to go away with the touch of a button.

Dreadlocks goal with Ghost Theory is to create an uninterrupted, fully immersive experience, and they are doing this by tailoring the user interface for VR; that means no visible UI during gameplay. If you need to grab something from your inventory you must find it on your person, not by hitting a button to stop the momentum on the game.

Curious? Take a peak at their video and check out their Kickstarter. Stat up-to-date by following OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter.

Joanna Nelius
Joanna is drawn to sci-fi and post-apocalyptic worlds, and games with a generous amount of gore. When she's not gaming, she's convincing her friends it's a good idea to go into abandoned buildings.

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